Kate Bishop + Outfits (Hawkeye Issue 2)

Heathers AU where Veronica is replaced with Tina Belcher.

After Heather Chandler dies, Tina just groans, until J.D. tells her that since she writes her Erotic Friend Fiction so well, she can fake Heather Chandler’s suicide note. Everyone’s reaction to Heather’s “suicide note” is pretty much the same, except they’re really confused about who “Chad the Zombie” is, and why Heather wants to touch his butt.


Favorite character meme

Four OutfitsThrift store dress

Your dress makes you look like a mermaid.”


this show is phenomenal

Sometimes when I get bored I channel 00davo and create AUs with random characters in place of the Heathers characters

My finest so far

Tina Belcher as Veronica

A Very Potter Musical!Snape as JD

The tumblr version of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (not actual Aurora from Sleeping Beauty) as Heather Chandler

Lindsay Bluth as Ms. Flemming

Too late! He got in.

Knock Knock

… Bitch

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